Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You Are What You Read

I’ve always been a reader.  I like to chew over stories and their characters.  I read more in the winter than I do other months. Winter reading also feeds me while I hibernate and allows me to travel without going anywhere. 

Even though my tastes haven’t changed over time I’ve noticed this particular winter what I’ve been reading has been affecting me more.  Lots of snow, a polar vortex, and more shades of grey than I can ever remember have been major factors.  Combining that with a daily serving of grief over the absence of my sister has tipped the scales.   

Aside from the 20th installment by the milky but humorous Janet Evanovich and a light kitchen/recipe novel that I wrote about in my last blog, this winter's reading has been like chewing a tough cut of beef:  Jackdaws, (WWII espionage); The Invisible Wall, (WWII love story); and The Book Thief, (another WWII novel).  The latter’s narrator is…death.  See a theme?  See the problem?  

Like mounds of carbohydrates, reality hit me in the stomach this morning.  No wonder I’m sad and in a funk! Look what I’m feeding myself.  What do I do? I’m resolving it.  I’m changing my reading diet.   First, I’ll be placing more emphasis on my first meal of the day, morning devotionals. Second, I’m going to the library to find a lighter assortment of books to digest which should provide for healthier days.  I'll keep you posted...