Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Heart Is Full

So is my brain and my days of late.  However, memories made on October 31, 2015 require this entry.  For the record, I hope I am never too busy or distracted to stop and enjoy a holiday.  Halloween is one of them. Well, there are traditions I must honor, right?
The least of which is that ghost on our front porch who blows in the Fall wind.  He is at least 30 years old. Vince made it after we saw one in his hometown one year when our children were young.  Next are the grave stones we made are a little younger in age.  I know that if either of these didn’t make it out of my attic to adorn my house, I would miss them.  I assume others would notice their absence too since we receive a lot of nice comments about them. 
One big gift on Halloween has always my dad’s birthday, this year his 85th. To have him and mom in Bloomington these last 18 months is beyond special.   Never in my adult life had I been able to be with him on his birthday.    

Another tradition is what is eaten before anyone goes trick or treating or any candy is handed out.  That’s chili.  It’s something I remember my mom making when I was a little girl.  I feel like I’m honoring her when I make it, so I continue to make it. 

And then there are our grandchildren.  Of course Dylan and Abbie are now a part of the activities.  Who doesn’t enjoy Halloween when little ones are excited about dressing up and pretending to be their favorite hero or cartoon character. 

Getting four generations together to experience all the day’s activities is a little hectic and maybe even a little stressful. However, what a joy is it celebrating an 85th birthday, receiving hugs and smiles from a little princess while Spiderman spells out words (now that he is in Kindergarten).  And these are some memories that fill my heart, with love!  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bathing Suits

I’m dreaming of that green bikini just like the one worn years ago.  I’m mostly kidding but an itty bitty part of me pines for those days when trying on, purchasing and/or wearing a bathing suit didn’t cause heart palpations.

Vacation is on the horizon for Vince and me.  In a few weeks we will take our trip away from winter and enter a week of beach sand, chasing golf balls, eating Ms. Annette’s delicious food and enjoying the warm sun in our shorts and yes, bathing suits.

God had other things in mind for this body. I know this much, His plan was not for me to be wearing a Speedo.  My granny suit will do just fine as long as it covers me adequately.    And by the time I get to Jamaica I promise that bikini song in my head will be deleted.