Monday, September 29, 2014


Has anyone noticed lately our media is constantly using of the word “outrage?"  I have heard or read it in all formats and it’s starting to outrage me.  Well, maybe the latter is an overstatement.

Vince and I have been talking about this word’s use and so I googled it recently.  Is my premise supported?  Do your own search or keep your eyes and ears open and I think you will agree.  So what’s up with this? Is this the outrage decade?  Are people really this ticked off? 

My dictionary says outrage is “a viciously violent or grossly offensive act.” These acts are certainly happening everywhere, at home and abroad.  However, what kind of irks me is this term suggests that “the people” are outraged.  I know 2 or more persons make people :) but making headlines seems to imply that “the people” represents us…you, me and many others… 

Another over used media term is the phrase “critics worry.”  To them I would suggest they find another profession.  Worry is a waste of time even though they might be paid handsomely to worry. 
However, on a gentler side I would be grateful to see another “out” word used more often.  Outreach.  I believe you and I can be a part of a more positive act if only we reach out!  I am chewing over some ideas now.  Who are you reaching out to?

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