Monday, February 17, 2014

Jamaica 2014

Before we flew off to a week of summer amidst a snowy winter, I wrote down in my to do list, "I need to defrag."  It just came to me one day and although it is a term typically used in the IT world, it made sense to me.  My operating system needed everything to realign so my brain and my heart could function more effectively.  Actually there was one item on that list that made that happen. 

I set out to do daily devotionals with my friend Christine.   It happened and it set the tone for each day. On Wednesday evening of vacation in front of witnesses I declared that I was indeed defraged. 

It's been 8 days since vacation and I still feel defraged.  Below are remembrances of the sun filled days and how they filled me with joy!

We were on a road trip, stopped to stretch our legs (and drink a Red Stripe) and this man grabbed my hand and said he loved me.  In case you are wondering.  Vince was right there. :)
Mountainous terrain on the north coast.
Christine's new grandson.  And now my new grandson, so she says.
 Bamboo Avenue.  Yes, bamboo as far as the eye can see!
 Christine and one of her many delicious meals.
Christine buying fruits and vegetables from the mobile market. 
 The beach bench before we fixed the foot rest.
A missionary group from the U.S. were being entertained on our beach by a local church's lovely children.
 Christine's daughter Rene, helping her family with the laundry. 

Christine's Mama Pearl and sister Angela who welcomed us into their home.

 Christine showing us her mother's beautiful flowers.
Gifts from Bloomington for Christine, her family, local school children and the needy.

Christine's home in the hills, called Spicy Hill.  Her "veranda" on the left and older home on the right. 
 The beach bench after we fixed the foot rest.  A small legacy left. 
One of many roads we traveled to seek a better view of this island and the places they call home.
 One of many vistas on our travels.
And our beautiful home in Jamaica.