Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bathing Suits

I’m dreaming of that green bikini just like the one worn years ago.  I’m mostly kidding but an itty bitty part of me pines for those days when trying on, purchasing and/or wearing a bathing suit didn’t cause heart palpations.

Vacation is on the horizon for Vince and me.  In a few weeks we will take our trip away from winter and enter a week of beach sand, chasing golf balls, eating Ms. Annette’s delicious food and enjoying the warm sun in our shorts and yes, bathing suits.

God had other things in mind for this body. I know this much, His plan was not for me to be wearing a Speedo.  My granny suit will do just fine as long as it covers me adequately.    And by the time I get to Jamaica I promise that bikini song in my head will be deleted. 

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