Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let's Twist

I am not fond of dentists.  I don’t suppose I am alone.  Given the gift of bad teeth, unlike my siblings, I have a mouth full of crooked, silver filled choppers, almost all in disrepair. I have had many bad experiences while sitting in the dentist’s chair and recently, we lost our dentist to retirement.  He referred us on, Vince connected with the sweet, young Dr. Parker and I made an appointment because one bad tooth broke off months ago and an infection had settled in.  
My options were a root canal (nope, that’s a bad memory) combined with a very expensive cap (double nope). Or I could have it pulled.  I chose the latter.  In addition, she offered to pull it (double yes). I didn’t want to face another oral surgeon’s eye rolling after discovering I had to be sedated just to have one tooth pulled. 

Monday was the day.  I told her to not take it personally if I shed a tear or two.  She accepted the challenge and after sufficient numbing she starts pulling and pushing and twisting the tooth while telling me “all those popping sounds are a good thing”.  Just then I diverted my ear to the song on the intercom: Chubby Checkers, singing “Come on baby, let’s do the twist.”  Well, that brought back memories so I start humming along and the delightful Dr. Parker honored me with her laughter while simultaneous extracting the tooth.

Thank you Dr. Parker for a pleasant experience and for a trip down memory lane given your excellent choice in music!  For the record, I didn’t shed one tear and by the way I was a pretty good twister back in the day.

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